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Kidzloop [iOS]

by TerriAnn
Kidzloop iOS App for Park Playdates and Sharing Memories

In the early years, it can be challenging to find other children for your kids to play with. There were times I took my daughter to the park for some social interaction but it was empty. I could have used something like Kidzloop back then.

Using Kidzloop

Kidzloop is an iOS app that helps families connect for park playdates or other activities. When you arrive at your local park, just ‘check in’ with the app. Then, other parents can come and join you. No more lonely park days! You can be on the other end as well by checking to see how many kids are already at any particular park. You do need to create and log into a personal account to see most information but this is free.

Kidzloop iOS App for Park Playdates and Sharing Memories

In addition to park locations, various activities are listed in the “Kids Activities“ tab. These can be sorted by age or category and are provided by ProductiveParenting.com. An in-app messenger is included to allow communication with other users before/after playdates or to arrange new ones. Another feature lists current product recalls.

Capturing and Sharing Memories

As your children happily play, you’ll likely snap some photos of them. Instead of trying to share each and every picture with friends and family, Kidsloop acts as a photo sharing hub. Just grant access to whomever you want to see your photos and they can see all the photos in that album.

I think the app looks clean and is easy to use. However, I am concerned about the safety in using the app to list your home location and when you are at a park. There isn’t any screening process or background check to use the app and giving your location could be potentially dangerous. Also, the app really only works if you there are a lot of other local parents using it.

Kidzloop iOS App for Park Playdates and Sharing Memories

The Kidsloop app is free to download and free to use but is only for iPhones at this time. This app aims to be ultimate source for creating, storing, and sharing memories of your precious little one(s). For those looking to get in touch with other local families, this may be just the app for you.

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