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Football Fever at the Stanford VS UCLA Football Game #GoStanford

by TerriAnn
Stanford University VS UCLA October 2014 College Football game #gostanford


Bright and early on Saturday morning, my family and I headed to Palo Alto to check out the college football game between Stanford University and UCLA. We knew the sold-out game would be busy but had no idea how the band alumni reunions were going to affect traffic. I had previous arrangements so I dropped Frans and Munchkin off at “the Farm” to cover the game for me.

There was plenty to do and see with costumed mascots, bounce houses, and refreshments about. The Stanford crew made sure my husband and daughter were fully stocked with #GoStanford cheering gear. Then, Coach Ron Lynn share some special insider info with the parent bloggers in attendance. What a fun treat for all the kids in attendance!

Stanford University VS UCLA October 2014 College Football game #gostanford

At the Stanford University Football Stadium

The grounds were beautiful and many other families were seen entering the campus. Overall, the environment was exciting but intimate. My husband assumes this is because supporting the Stanford team is more related to community heritage and support than anything else.

After picking up some eats, the two headed to the stadium. Even two hours before game time, the stands were beginning to fill with fans clothed in the signature light burgundy gear. The weather was gorgeous but my family was able to find some nice seats in the shade to fully enjoy the experience.

Stanford University VS UCLA October 2014 College Football game #gostanford

The game was an exciting one with bustling crowds cheering round about. There was even live music from current and previous band members. Fans were roaring, music was playing, and both Stanford and UCLA were battling it out.

A Memorable Experience In One Way or Another

Unfortunately, the only thing my daughter could see was of the the backs, legs, and feet of the inconsiderate and rowdy college students in front of them. They sat on the bench backs and stood on the seats the whole time, that is if they weren’t kicking and stomping on them during plays. They ended up leaving shortly after half-time as the whole experience was kind of ruined for them. Live sporting games are kind of pointless when you can’t actually watch what’s happening…

Stanford University VS UCLA October 2014 College Football game #gostanford

I felt so bad for Frans and Munchkin. They really wanted to have a good time but other attendees prevented them from doing so. Plus, neither of them are very familiar with the rules of American football and were lost during any bit of the game they could catch glimpses of. Next time, I’ll have to go with them and we’ll have to be extra picky on where we sit.

The number of sports (36 varsity programs) that Stanford Athletics includes is astounding. Most of these offer FREE admission while others have affordable Family Flex pricing that include season-long tickets for a family of four. Kids get a great opportunity to acquaint themselves with the campus for future reference in summer youth camps held here. They even have a pirate camp!

Basketball-loving families will want to jot down November 8th. That happens to be Kids Free night and all children ages 14 and under will get into the men’s basketball game for free (with advance registration). Just register at http://bit.ly/MBBKidsFree to get your free kids tickets.

Lowered Expectations

With these extra options, there definitely reason for us to return to Stanford and give it another chance. From what we’ve heard, many love bringing their families here to enjoy game together. I’m guessing they don’t have the same type of people sitting in front of them as my husband and daughter did. Hopefully next time will be 200% better.

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