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Winter Break Commences . . .

by TerriAnn
2013 Winter Break Round-Up

Week one of winter break is over and it’s already killing me! It’s become apparent that my daughter needs some co-op education as the tween years brings on laziness and lack of motivation. So, I’m using the two weeks of winter break to schedule a ton of play dates and study sessions for some positive peer pressure to get active and try harder. So far, it feels like I’m suffering more than she is 😛

Winter Break Week 1

  • Monday we went to the new Sky High Sports in Burlingame. I didn’t like that I had to buy their BLACK grip socks instead of the BLUE ones from another local trampoline place. I get the reasoning but it seemed somewhat petty to me.
  • Tuesday we spent the day at Muir Woods. Everyone else canceled so we decided to go with just our family. The upper trail is much more interesting and less crowded.
  • Wednesday we played kickball. The kids loved it and the moms were sore afterwards (at least I was). Then, we had a movie night featuring Despicable Me 2 and pizza. My daughter later woke up at 1am and threw up all the pizza she ate . . . right next to her bed which is fully-carpeted. The next hour was full of odor-gagging clean-up for Frans and me, complete with cheese and pepperoni.
  • Thursday was supposed to be bike riding. Instead, we stayed in so we all could get some rest. Munchkin’s tummy was feeling much better and I had an X-Men movie marathon. We also watched Marley and Me for the first time – saddest movie ever!
  • Friday woke up with crazy puffy eyes thanks to my bawling during Marley and Me. Good thing I work from home.

2013 Winter Break Round-Up

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Lolo January 20, 2014 - 12:09 am

We have one of those trampoline places here too. It is a total blast.

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